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Aegir Summit
Richard Stallman Aegir Strategy in the Aegir Summit

Free Software Drupal Hosting with Drupal, Drush & Aegir
Wed. Jul. 15/15, 8:30 AM to Sun. Jul. 19/15, 5:30 PM
THANKS to Richard Stallman for the Aegir Strategy Session
The Inaugural Aegir Summit is themed "Commercial Free Software Drupal Hosting with Drupal, Drush & Aegir". Join the worlds first dedicated Aegir Summit. Featuring the newly released cloud-ready Aegir 3, Drupal Core testing with Drulenium, DevOps with Valkyrie, Devshop, Open Agency Website Production Lines, Government lab Red Hat Clusters, PAAS with GetOpenOutreach and more A French language session will also be provided.

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Aegir related events

Aegir Representation to the UN Summit
Wednesday 15th, 4:00pm - 4:45pm

Free Software Drupal Website Production Lines in Commerce, Government, and Civic Society

15 mins FEATURED CASE STUDY National Democratic Institute by Chris Doten: using Aegir to host CiviParty (based on CiviCrm) to promote international parliamentary democracy. "Organize your supporters with CiviParty, a streamlined version of the open-source constituent relationship management system, CiviCRM. Based on a streamlined version of the popular open-source database CiviCRM, CiviParty allows civic organizations to organize events, contact or survey supporters via SMS, reach large audiences via blast email or printed mail merge, and track engagement. Previously, these tools were available only to large political campaigns; now small organizations anywhere in the world can tap into the power of organizing data." Source: NDITech. Video CiviParty intro Featured Case Study: National Democratic Institute (NDI), BlueWave Web Designers Chris Doten, Technology, Int'l Development and Democracy Expert

Aegir Training
Thursday Room: ECOSOCO

Ceci est une session d'introduction à Aegir en français
Promoting Global Democracy with Aegir, CiviParty and NDITech by Chris Doten, International Development & Technology Expert, National Democratic Institute
Open Agency Website Production Line: Operational Freedom With Drupal & Aegir Simple sites or complex builds, Aegir has you covered! Roll-out a cookie-cutter site network, or master the complex challenge of a universal solution to build, deploy and maintain many distinctive sites. "Building a commercial Aegir agency website production line" with Alick Mighall & Steve Richards from miggle, Brighton, UK. First presented at Drupalcon Amsterdam. Now a 4 hour extended and in-depth version for intermediate to advanced business and technical agencies and organizations looking for operational freedom in Drupal. The main training is in English but a small Francophone group will receive parallel translation & training by Guillaume Boudrias a Quebecian Aegir expert . Register for Training