Aegir Summit 2016

Aegir The Aegir Summit is themed "DIY GPL Planet Scale Drupal Cloud".
Join the Aegir community of users, hosters, developers, sysadmins and publishers for the Aegir Summit 2016.

KEYNOTE: Drupal As A Service NASA Using Aegir

Featuring the state of Aegir 3.6, Automated Visual Regression Testing with Selenium and Drulenium, Aegir based OpenDevshop, Drupal in Gov at European Commission and NASA.

  • state of Aegir 3.6
  • NoOps with DevShop: Continuous Integration in a Box: Jon Pugh, Aegir co-maintainer and creator of DevShop
  • Aegir-based Drupal Automated Visual Regression Testing with Selenium and Drulenium
  • Drupal in Gov at European Commission
  • Drupal in Gov at NASA: Drupal As A Service
  • Drupal in Gov at SLAC
  • Aegir Software as a Service
  • Aegir Cloud deployments with Chef, Ansible and Puppet
  • Aegir & Make

Also, the Cooperative Aegir (Aegir Support Cooperative) is being formed in a hybrid online / in-person event centered at the United Nations

Official Aegir sites
Aegir Project splash page
Aegir Project documentation

Unofficial Aegir sites
Aegir For Gov
Aegir Hosting System (unofficial commercial site)
Aegir Hosting System (unofficial community site)

Aegir Summit @ nyccamp

  • Business Models
  • Hosting Factories
  • Drupal 8
  • Site Networks

Open Camps
Aegir Gov
Aegir Coop
Aegir Hosting System
Aegir Summit 2015

Il est officiel: La Coopérative Ægir a été incorporé par @economie_quebec!

Aegir Hosting System

The Aegir Hosting System is built with a Drupal front-end, Hostmaster distro, Drush in the back-end with Provision.  The Aegir Hosting System is production ready and hosts Drupal 8. 

Aegir Read the Docs

  • Drupal 6
  • Drupal 7
  • Drupal 8
  • Drupal + CiviCRM